Acoustic Solutions Studios

Creating a home recording studio acoustic treatment plan is completely overwhelming to most people. Few companies will take the time to walk you through the complicated process of studio acoustic treatment. Acoustica Projects is different. Our customers typically want to know what we do, why we do it, and how we do it. Our acoustics experts will take the time to help you prioritize your needs and find a solution to maximize the results with whatever your budget may be.

Acoustica Projects has spent years helping musicians, recording professionals, facilities managers, and home audio enthusiasts solve their sound problems. We’ve learned that the difference between a successful studio acoustic treatment project and an unsuccessful one is often determined by the professionals you choose to work with. 

Make sure any company you work with:

  • Has extensive studio acoustic treatment experience
  • Understands what success sounds like to you
  • Will work with your budget when creating a home recording studio
  • Understands low-cost acoustic treatment, not just expensive, high-end studio acoustic treatment
  • Explains every option for acoustic treatment
  • Has an excellent reputation and product guarantee

Your studio can transform your sound experience

Music generates sound waves which freely travel through the air unless they are stopped by quality studio acoustic treatment. Properly treating your space will give you the power to control the sound and tune the room. Absorbing many of the mid- and high frequencies to keep them from bouncing off the walls thus reducing echo and distortion from reverberation. We offer soundproofing and sound absorption solutions that effectively treat problems caused by high frequencies (cymbals, upper notes on a keyboard) and middle frequencies (guitar, sax).

It’s cheaper, easier and more effective if you add soundproofing as you are building your studio, but, if that is not an option, Acoustica Projects can help you without having to do a total rebuild.

Acoustica Projectst produces 99% of our acoustic materials right here in Sydney, and with our talented project managers, you can be sure you’ll get the best possible result.