Ventilation: Aeropac® – Acoustic Air Ventilation

Aeropac® Acoustic Ventilation - Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

The Aeropac® is a quiet air ventilator for when the room is near a noisy environment such as;

  • Airports
  • Rail corridors
  • Freeways
  • High density road traffic

Keeping the air you breathe clean as well as your room less disturbed.

It uses the same amount of energy to run as a TV on standby and is easy, fast, and clean to retrofit. The Aeropac®’s sleek and contemporary design blends into every room type and runs as quiet as a whisper.

The outside vent of Aeropac - Acoustica Projects

The outside vent blends into any wall and only needs 4cm of space and the option of a rodent and vermin grill makes sure there aren’t any small invasions to your home.

There are four options of filters: course dust, active carbon, fine dust or pollen filter. Our standard option is the Active Carbon filter for exhaust fume odours; it usually lasts for 14-16 months. However, it may be shorter in a heavily polluted environment.

Aeropac Settings - Acoustica Projects

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