Absorber: Kliptex® – Stretched Fabric System



Kliptex® can be applied to many situations in places such as:

  • New buildings or refurbishment
  • Residential or corporate
  • Home theatres
  • Hotels/motels
  • Entertainment & conference centres
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools & tertiary
  • Indoor swimming pools & bathrooms

Kliptex® is a customised stretch fabric system which includes a sound absorption material concealed within the perimeter of the Kliptex® frame.

Noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) can be adjusted to the needed specifications per room.


Kliptex® Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) - Acoustica Projects


The noise reduction co-efficient (NRC) of Kliptex® is adjustable to suit the needs of the space it is applied to.

It reduces reverberated sound and enhances ambiance in restaurants, dining areas, lobbies, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, cinemas and open office spaces.


Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects


Add your own creative flair by choosing a custom fabric and print of artworks, logos, or graphics. Size is only restricted to the dimensions of the fabric chosen. It can be used as decoration only if wanted for interior design.


Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects


KlipTex® is only installed by inhouse licenced Acoustica Projects installers.



We ensure that all panels comply with Part C1.10 of the BCA for lining of walls and ceiling as required.
(Building Class 2 to 10)

Fabrics may need to be treated for Fire resistance.

The required acoustic performance is met by the use of our fire rated Echosoft® products or other complying rated materials.

ISO 9705: 1993
Classification: Group 1-S
Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s
As required by NZBC C/VM2
AS ISO 9705 – 2003
Classification: Group 1
(SMOGRARC): <100m2/s2

Assessed using methodology ASISO 9705:2003 in accordance with AS5637.1:2015, as required by BCA Specification C1.10-4.



Our Echosoft 25/50® polyester has been tested by Cetec PTY LTD (Report: CV170908) for chemical emission and is classified as low VOC.

VOC concentration: 0.009mg/m3 (7days)



Echosoft 25/50 ® absorbers used behind fabrics products contains a minimum of 45% previously recycled polyester fibre (from PET bottle-flake). Offcuts and manufacturing waste is re-used or recycled wherever possible.

Uncontaminated Panels can be recycled.

Echosoft 25/50 ® is manufactured from 100% polyester fibres and does not contain formaldehyde binders. Our polyester fibres support safer indoor air quality and will not become a potential airborne pollutant.


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