Absorber: Cube™ 6, 12 & 24 – Panels and Baffles

Cube™ - Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

Cube™ is ideal to reduce reverb in most situations

  • The outdoors
  • Air-conditioning units
  • Multipurpose Halls e.g. assembly, scout, school, university
  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • Sports Areas
  • Factories & Machine Shops
  • Noise Absorption in Plant Rooms
  • Theatre
  • Cinema
  • Studio booths
  • Hearing testing booth
  • Classrooms
  • Music practice areas
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office
  • Work stations

Cube™ Noise Reduction Coefficient - Acoustica Projects

Cube™ panels come in a range of 16 solid colours and can be cut into various shapes to combine acoustic requirements and aesthetics.



  • Design flexibility without the need for edging or capping
  • Custom colour printing available
  • Design possibilities limitless with custom cutting
  • Light-weight and easy to handle
  • Highly durable, providing long-term stability and performance
  • Safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic
  • Does not contain any Red-List chemicals
  • Made in Australia



Cube™ Colour Options - Acoustica Projects



Standard dimensions:
2.4m x 1.2m
1.2m x 0.6m
0.6m x 0.6m

Thickness and weight (for full panels)
12mm – 2.4kg
24mm – 4.8kg



ISO 9705:1993
Classification: Group 1-S
Smoke Production Rate: <5.0m2/s
As required by NZBC C/VM2

AS ISO 9705 – 2003
Classification: Group 1
(SMOGRArc): <100m2/s2
As required by BCA C1.10
FI 4974 dated 16th September 2012

B – s2, d2
WF 336911 dated 25th February, 2014

ASTM E-84-14
Class A, FS:0 – SD:45
RJ4479-2 dated 25th January, 2015

VOC Emissions
Our polyester has been tested for chemical emission
(Report: CV080408) and is classified as low VOC. VOC concentration: 0.01mg/m3



Our products are manufactured using 100% polyester fibre and contain a minimum of 50% recycled content (i.e. PET plastic bottles).
Cube™ is Global GreenTag Green Rate level A certified. It is Red-List Free and can be used in Living Building Challenge projects.


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