Absorber: Acoustica® Rigid Duct (ARD)


Acoustica® Rigid Duct - Noise Control Products - Acoustica Projects

Acoustica® Rigid Duct (ARD) is a durable product faced with perforated foil, typically used for internal lining of rigid duct work, machinery rooms, marine engine rooms, and air conditioning plenums.

ARD reduces sound transfers from;

  • Fans
  • Motors
  • Air turbulence
  • Sheet metal clicking and popping (caused by expansion, contraction, and vibration)

Acoustica® Rigid Duct Noise Absorption Coefficient - Acoustica ProjectsAcoustica® Rigid Duct Noise Absorption Coefficient - Acoustica Projects

ARD is environmentally friendly and safe to handle with no fibre migration and it is Group 1 fire rated.

  • Ignitability index (0-20) = 0
  • Speed of flame (0-10) = 0
  • Heat evolved index (0-10) = 0
  • Smoke developed index (0-10) =0-2


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