Soundproof your house

Why You Should Soundproof your House

Noise nuisance has been somewhat unpleasant. The disturbance has made it almost impossible to find total peace and quiet in our home. Soundproofing was the magic word that ended the noise nuisance for us. It... >>


Why use Absorber 3D Tiles to soundproof your room

3D Tiles for your noise problems. An overwhelming majority of the harsh noise you experience in a room is the result of sound bouncing off the ceilings, floors, and any other hard surfaces in that... >>

Benefits of Soundproofing Your Home Office - Acoustica Projects

3 Benefits of Soundproofing Your Home Office

If your working from home experience has been riddled with noise transmission problems, you should consider making it soundproof. Adding soundproof qualities to your home office has many benefits, from noise reduction to privacy and... >>

Acoustica Projects Soundproofing Gift Guide

Soundproofing Gift Guide for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to start searching for that perfect present for your loved ones. This holiday season, give the gift of silence! Check out these soundproofing products that will give your... >>

Sound Absorbing Panels - Home Soundproofing - Acoustica Projects

When do I use Sound Absorbing Panels?

Sound Absorbing Panels can be an excellent option when you have excessive reverberation or echo within a closed space. These multi-functional treatments can be hung on walls or ceilings to absorb sound waves, making speech... >>

Marine Soundproofing - Acoustica Projects

Effects of Noise Pollution from Ships on Marine Life

Just as much salvation has been brought to the world due to developments in marine industry in terms of better technology, there is no denying the fact that simultaneously the natural balance of things has... >>

environmental noise pollution - industrial - Acoustica Projects

Health effects of environmental noise pollution

It might be tempting to think that environmental noise pollution isn’t a serious health issue, after all, it’s just noise. It won’t kill us … right? Well, maybe. Exposure to prolonged or excessive noise has... >>

Soundproofing Myths to Avoid

Soundproofing Your Apartment: The Myths to Avoid

  There are some pretty hair-brained ideas on the internet about how to solve one of life’s many bugbears – noisy neighbours. Despite what some think, it is much more complicated than laying a shaggy... >>

Acoustic Treatment for Restaurants - Acoustica Projects

5 Acoustic Treatment Ideas For Your Restaurant/Cafe

If you are starting your restaurant/café design from scratch there are many planning/layout considerations as well as treatment ideas for walls, furniture, ceilings, screens, and floors that can be incorporated to minimise unwanted noise in... >>

Bedroom Soundproofing - Acoustica Projects

7 Simple Soundproofing Solutions for Your Bedroom

You can’t always control the noise that surrounds your bedroom, especially if it’s coming from the street or your neighbor’s house. But you can mitigate it with these simple soundproofing solutions. Squelching the Sound Life... >>

Soundproofing Home Office - Acoustica Projects

Soundproofing Your Home Office

Have you ever thought of soundproofing your home office? Well, now might be the time to consider it. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to work from home. Governments from around the world are... >>

Acoustics in Medical Environment - Acoustica Projects

Why Acoustics Matter in Healthcare Environments

Many sounds are present in hospital environments, including those from beepers, alarms, machines, rolling carts, and conversations, among other sources. These can be severely irritating and at times harmful to patients, depending on their current... >>

Acoustica Projects Sydney

7 Amazing Acoustic Solutions For Your Office Interior

Unwanted noise in the office annoys us a lot and breaks our concentration, especially when we are doing a crucial task, Isn’t it? Having talented employees is not enough for an organization to be successful,... >>

noise reduction

Noise Reduction Strategies in Your Home Office

  Every home has its fair share of noisy distractions. And unless you have soundproof walls, that goes for the haven of your home office as well. Listening to neighbours’ conversations and clattering household appliances... >>

home office soundproofing

Home Office Soundproofing in 4 Simple Steps

  If you’re used to being stuck in an office building all day, working from home may sound like the ultimate dream come true. The commute is just a short walk down the hall, ‘business... >>

soundproofing tips

Soundproofing Tips for Working from Home

Soundproofing Tips: Ways to Help Stay Focused   Even without sound, it can be tough to stay focused when working from home. There are plenty of new distractions, so try to create a space that... >>