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7 Amazing Acoustic Solutions For Your Office Interior

Unwanted noise in the office annoys us a lot and breaks our concentration, especially when we are doing a crucial task, Isn’t it? Having talented employees is not enough for an organization to be successful, but happy, motivated and focused employees are. Noise can not only reduce the overall productivity of employees but it also creates a stressful environment. Interior acoustic plays a vital role in maintaining a focused and work-friendly environment within the office. Noise must be absorbed instead of getting reflected and hence, you must have good knowledge about the acoustic solutions to save your office from noise pollution and raise efficiency.

Acoustica Projects Sydney

The three main elements that affect acoustic are:

  1. Noise Levels
  2. Reverberation
  3. Sound insulation

To protect our office from these disturbances we can provide acoustics in areas like:

  1. Ceiling
  2. Wall
  3. Flooring

Some of the solutions that effectively reduce unwanted sound are:

1. Acoustic Furniture

Every conversation matters and at the same time, it is necessary to have comfortable, appealing interior. After a long thought, the answer found was simple- furniture. Acoustic furniture is designed with the aim to provide privacy and comfort, mostly in open plan offices. These are specifically designed to absorb the noises created within these spaces without affecting the overall sound levels in the office space.

2. Wood-wool Acoustic Panel

In this drift of eco-friendly offices, wood-wool acoustic panels are just perfect. It contains simple elements like wood fiber and cement. It is counted under high performance, cost-effective noise absorbing material and is used widely. These panels not only provide a good sound shielding but it also enhances the look of the interior with its range of available designs. It also reduces echo and reverberation. Along with a good noise reduction, it also provides heat resistance.

3. Moss Panels

Well if you are thinking about nature, then this acoustic solution is a must-have. These moss panels are made from Reindeer moss which is hydrophobic (repel water). It has no roots and absorbs moisture and nutrients through the air. It also filters out toxins and is maintenance free. These are very effective at sound absorption, especially in the range of human voice.

It creates a new acoustic paradigm by bringing the outdoor feels inside the office. They can be used in meeting rooms to reduce unwanted sound. Moss walls are very trendy these days for office interior.

4. Fabric Acoustic Panels

Want to avoid unwanted sound maintaining the interior look as well? Then these fabric wrapped sound absorbing wall panels are what you should have. The sound falls directly on the fabric and then gets absorbed by the soundproofing material behind the fabric. It gives a designer look to your office and is highly personalized. It is a decorative, durable and delivers premium sound quality.

5. Acoustic metal panels

They are either made of perforated metal skins encapsulated in acoustical sound absorbers or are simply made of metal with wooden finish. This combination of metal and absorptive material is particularly useful in locations where durability and aesthetics are needed along with maximum noise absorption.

6. Ceiling Baffle

These are acoustic treatments that hang from the ceiling. These are good for large spaces. They reduce reverberation and gives you clarity in conversation. These ceiling baffles are highly recommended in offices. They redirect sound waves in a way that no echo is produced. This provides a brand new look to your office ceiling.

7. Printed Acoustic Panels

Don’t want to compromise on the design aspect. Then, Printed Acoustic Panels is something that is hard to miss. These are basically acoustic boards with the printed surface finish. They are a better alternative to painting, as they also have the added benefit of sound absorption.

The demand for acoustic materials increasing with time, as the trends in the office interior design have also changed and we are in an era of collaborative workspaces where these solutions improve employee’s efficiency by reducing stress and provide a noise-free office environment.

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